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Moroccanoil Hair Treatment Review

Argan oil, often referred to as Moroccan oil, has become one of the most talked about and loved hair products over the last few years. This precious oil is derived from the argan trees of Morocco and is considered by many to be a "miracle in a bottle." It's ability to moisturize and tame dry, unruly hair is second to none.

When most girls think about argan oil, they picture the infamous blue labeled Moroccanoil Hair Treatment. It's been featured in top beauty magazines because of its wonderful healing properties. Both celebrities and everyday people have fallen in love with the product's ability to transform their hair into a smooth and silky masterpiece.

Benefits of Moroccanoil

MoroccanOil Hair TreatmentMost of us have overworked, damaged hair. Stressful days, pollution and heat styling all contribute to the demise of our once perfect head of hair. Moroccanoil absorbs quickly into strands and instantly adds brilliant shine and plenty of moisture. It also works as a detangler and can even be applied to wigs or extensions.

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Fighting a constant battle with frizz? Moroccanoil will smooth away frizz and help prevent breakage. It also makes hair much more manageable during the styling process, which may mean spending less time using the flat iron.

Why So Many People Love It

Moroccanoil works for all hair types and its ingredients are lightweight. Whether your hair is thick and coarse or fine and thin, you can reap the benefits of this amazing oil without weighing your hair down.

This nourishing treatment is designed to repair damage caused by chemical procedures, heat styling and environmental pollutants and it really does work. So many users rave about how much smoother and healtheir their hair looks after using it. The oil also adds incredible shine to otherwise lackluster hair. While scent isn't everything, it's certainly a big plus that the oil also smells amazing.

How to Use

Apply Moroccanoil after cleansing and conditioning hair. Work the product through your hair a little at a time until fully distributed. Do not rinse out. Style as usual and apply as needed throughout the day. You can also use the oil before coloring. Apply before starting the process to improve the hair's ability to absorb color. As with styling, do not rinse before bleaching or coloring. Add a few drops to your color mix and continue process as directed.

Most users see dramatic results after just one use. Over time and with continued use, your hair will become much stronger, healthier, shinier and smoother.

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