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GHD Flat Iron Review

For many women, the quest to find the perfect flat iron is both exhausting and never ending. Those women have probably never tried or heard of the GHD flat iron. As one of the most popular flat iron brands in the world, GHD irons produce sleek results in half the time it takes to style with other brands.

GHD Flat Iron Features

The GHD flat iron uses ceramic plates to ensure even heat distribution. To take it one step further, the circuits inside the iron check the temperature five times per second to make sure that it remains consistent. The flat iron's contoured plates help prevent any snagging or pulling that traditional flat iron plates cause.

The product also contains Nanosilver, which has antibacterial properties. If you use your flat iron on a regular basis, you know how grimy it can get. This is a great little feature because dirt and leftover hair products are often the reason why flat irons develop that not-so-attractive residue on their plates and housing.

Another great thing about this iron is that its body is 50 degrees cooler than other flat iron models on the market. This will help keep your fingers from burning while styling.

If you are the forgetful type, the GHD flat iron has its own sleep mode, which automatically shuts the heater off if left idle for 30 minutes. The iron's universal voltage allows the product to be used anywhere you travel.

GHD Flat Iron Pros

GHD Hair Straightener

One heat setting: There is no guessing which temperature is best with the GHD. In fact, there are not heat settings. Once the iron reaches 374 degrees, it beeps three times to let you know it's ready for use. Throughout the styling process, the temperature will remain consistent. It also heats up in a flash.

Straightens in just one pass: With the GHD flat iron, the results speak for themselves. It only takes one pass to achieve straight, frizz free styles. Not only does this save time, but it also saves your hair from excessive heat damage.

Versatile: Straightening is not the only thing this flat iron can do. It is just as easy to create waves or curls using just this one styling tool.

Durable: Many users have had their GHD for years. Its universal voltage feature allows it to be used anywhere in the world. Its quality construction can withstand spills, falls and other everyday abuses.

GHD Flat Iron Cons

Too hot: While the single heat setting may be a pro for some, it can be a con for others. Those with particularly fine hair may find that 374 degrees is just too hot for their delicate strands.

Beware of fakes: Because GHD is such a popular styling tool, there are many people selling fakes online. The official GHD website has a site checker to help ensure that you purchase an authentic product.

Cost: Although the iron comes with a high price tag, it is hard to argue with the results it produces. Some may consider its price a con, but because of its durability and performance, you actually wind up saving more in the long run.

Where To Buy the GHD Flat Iron

It's hard to find a good deal for the GHD as there are many cheap knockoffs sold online and the models sold on the official GHD website and Sephora online rarely get discounted below $150. When shopping on Amazon make sure you purchase your GHD with shipment and fulfillment directly by Amazon to decrease your chance of ending up with a counterfeit model.

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